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Blacksmith craftBlacksmith craft

History of the metal – smith craft in Bukhara

It isn’t suprising that periods of history are reffered to by the names of metals: The Iron Age , Copper Age and Bronze Age . Men has been processing metal for his use since the down of recorded history.

Archeologists have recorded many items in Bukhara which confirm the ancient origins of this craft in this timeless old city.

ABU RAIHON BERUNI wrote in the 10th of century, that Bukharan master smiths worked with 4 kinds of metals. The developmaent of the smithing craft effected growht of agricultureand many other industries in the region

By the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century there were over 150 smiths in Bukhara producing a variety of goods

Blacksmith (chelongar) producer all kinds of iron tools

Nail makers ( mehchasoz)

Farrier (na’lgar)

Locksmith (qulfsoz)

Cutlers (kordsoz)

Needle makers (suzansoz)

Tinsmith (tunukasoz)

Currently, there are about 40 smith are still working , creating hand- made knives, scissors, hoes, and shovels and sicles and special tools for other craft- people.